Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My Top 20 Favorite Trim Healthy Mama Recipes (with page numbers)

I really hope people do not think I am hating on the Trim Healthy Mama Plan. I'm not, if anything I just hate that it didn't work for me.  It was worth it all just to come away with some awesome recipes and here are my top 20 THM recipes, with page numbers, and in order of awesomeness.

20.  Speedy Thin Crust (pg 278 No More Fads Book) For a cheese crust, I appreciate that they tried to lighten the fat load, unlike the recipe gem I posted below.
19.  Waldorf Cottage Cheese Salad (pg 190 cookbook) Crunchy, creamy and sweet.
18.  Sweet Potato Fries (pg 217 cookbook) Actually sweet potato anything, particularly chili fries.
17.  Fat Stripping Frappas (pg 418 cookbook) I love the salted caramel version the best and the choco chip baby frap is brilliant on fasting days.
16.  Creamy Cheesy Chicken Crock Pot Meal (pg 314 No More Fads Book)  Easiest. Meal. Ever.  We love it with jalapenos.
15.  Mozzarella and Turkey Toast (pg 239 No More Fads Book) I love toasted sandwiches.  I love them for breakfast and lunch and dinner.  
14.  Loaded Fotato Soup (pg 294 No More Fads book) The most satisfying FP meal known to mankind.  You get to eat tons of this on a Fuel Cycle!
13.  Winter Wonderland Sipper (pg 405 cookbook)  Christmas in a jug everyday!
12.  Creamy Pearlchilada Bake (pg 143 cookbook)  Yes, it's worth making wonder wraps for.
11.  Mini White Cake with Butter Cream Frosting (pg 294 cookbook)  Great for the times you NEED cake, you know, like from the bakery.


10. Cookie Bowl Oatmeal (pg 232 No More Fads Book).  It really does taste like a no bake cookie.  I prefer the recipe in the old book.
9.  Lazy Lasagna (pg 140 cookbook) Pretty much the easiest lasagna you will ever make and you don't miss the noodles!
8.  Singing Canary Sipper (pg 398 cookbook) I drink it almost everyday and I do think it gives you an energy boost.  Confession: I have never made it with fresh lemons *gasp*
7.  Slim Belly Jelly (pg 478 cookbook) I eat this a lot and get edgy if I run out of it.  A great FP snack is 2 Wasa crackers, 1 wedge on Laughing Cow Cheese divided on the crackers and a smear of Slim Belly Jelly.  Feels fancy with a cup of tea.
6.  Luscious Lemon Cake (pg 289 cookbook) It's a party in your mouth!
5.  Strawberry Cheesecake Shake (pg 412 cookbook)  I use this as a basic recipe and I often sub out flavors for the strawberries.  I have used lemon juice, cherries, pumpkin pie and it's all delicious.
4.  White Wicked Chili (pg 37 cookbook)  Utterly delicious and it's an E meal!
3.  Cottage Berry Whip ( pg 379 No More Fads book) When the rest of the family is eating ice cream in front of you, this may help...  It's also delicious paired up with a bowl of oatmeal.
2.  Pumpkin Pie Sipper (pg 401 cookbook) Hands down my favorite sipper. It's delicious and fills me up.   
1. Praline Protein Bars (pg 391 cookbook)  This is the single reason I buy special ingredients and it uses all the special ingredients.  You will never be tempted to buy Quest bars again.

You may be asking where the Cry No More Brownies and Good Girl Moonshine are at?  I haven't made the brownies due to my aversion to un-fried okra and GGMS just doesn't do it for me.  

I have also been struck with the thought that if you are not a follower of the Trim Healthy Mama Diet, this post probably sounds greek to you.  So I'm throwing in a recipe here for you.  My gallbladder actually groaned when I saw this one.
This post is to love on Trim Healthy Mama.  I came from a low carb lifestyle before THM and have other recipes that I love and I will share in the future.

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