Friday, March 18, 2016

Am I Skinny Yet? Friday Check In 3/18/16

I really hate having to post this check in but to me this blog is about accountability so I have to.
Yep, as of this morning I have gained back the 5 pounds I lost a couple of check ins ago.  I'm trying to not stress about it because of two reasons I know that the scale just does not understand.  First, I have been exercising quite hard this past week.   Not run a marathon hard but for me, I have stepped it up a bit and my muscles are tired and holding water.  I think this because yesterday I weighed 2 less pounds than today.  I really worked hard on the elliptical yesterday and drank a lot of water.  Secondly, my clothes seem to fit better.  Losing inches is better than losing weight right?  I know, me too, I'd rather lose weight.  How crazy is that?

Here's a few stats for the number nerd in me.

150 push ups
150 sit ups
5740 average steps - a mixture of elliptical and outside walks.  This number is pretty much made up...I cannot get my Vivofit to sync but I know I've averaged over 5000 steps everyday and some days were in the 7000's.

I did not really track my diet very well but I will say that I ate too much pizza.  Did I really say that? I made pizza early on in the week and some how my husband missed out on it and requested I make it again.  I was more than happy to do so.  So lots of pizza and a bag of Ruffles did not help the weigh in at all.

Since completing my gallbladder cleanse I have been struggling in staying faithful to my diet plan.  Trim Healthy Mama apparently is still on vacation and 5:2 Fasting is in the principals office.  Seriously, I get so grumpy toward my family on my fasting days that I cannot even stand me.  The past few days I've been on the Fast Five.  Basically I only eat in a five hour window.  It keeps the grumpies away but not sure it's helping the weight loss department.  I will give it another week, hopefully with more control, and rethink it.

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