Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My Daily Eats - Easy THM meal ideas!

I don't know about you, but sometimes I just need to eat.  Nothing fancy just satisfying.  I must confess that I am  also not crazy about cleaning my kitchen all day and dragging twenty different ingredients out just to make one little meal.
Considering all this, I am  happy that I am a person that does not mind eating the same foods over and over.  With that in mind, I am sharing my short list of daily foods I eat, over and over again.  I usually eat at least one of these meals everyday sometimes more.  They take minimal time, dishes and ingredients which is a win, win, win!

You will notice two things here.  I have a love affair with Laughing Cow Cheese and I also love my cast iron griddle.  I cook everything on this griddle and all it takes to clean it is a swipe of a paper towel. 

1. Toasted Turkey Sandwich:  2 slices sprouted bread (Alvarado Street is my favorite), 1 wedge of Laughing Cow cheese, 2 slices deli meat.  Lightly spray one side of bread with coconut oil spray and lay down on griddle or skillet.  Spread the laughing cow cheese on the dry side and lay down your deli meat to warm up.  Once the bread is toasted, assemble the sandwich and add any veggies you want to it.  This is a THM-E meal. Great paired with an apple!

2. Breakfast Burrito:  1 low carb tortilla, 1 wedge Laughing Cow Cheese, 2 scrambled eggs, hot sauce.  On griddle scramble eggs in coconut oil.  While eggs are cooking spread LLC on tortilla.  Once the eggs are cooked, place eggs on tortilla and put tortilla on the hot griddle to get warm and toasty.  Squirt in some hot sauce and roll and eat. THM S (Bonus points if there is enough coconut oil on griddle to actually fry the tortilla)
3.  Deviled eggs:  Boiled eggs, mayo, salt and pepper.  All that an a generous squirt of sriracha sauce...THM S 
4.  Wasa crackers topped with Laughing Cow Cheese and Slim Belly Jelly or your favorite sugar free jelly.  You can have two crackers, 1 LLC and jelly for a Fuel Pull snack or double it all for an E snack.  Awesome for when you want something crunchy and sweet!
5.  Meat, Cheese and Olive plate.  Assemble your favorite slices of deli meats, cheeses and olives add a sprinkle of nuts and munch away.  I love this dinner when we are having a family movie night.  To appease your conscience feel free to add some raw veggies.  THM S
6.  Sweet potatoes - Baked with a side of cottage cheese or sliced into fries.  Instant happiness. THM E
7.  Breadless Breakfast Sandwich.  On griddle or skillet, fry eggs over medium or however you like them.  Add your favorite deli meat (ham, bacon, turkey) to warm up on griddle.  Once the eggs are cooked layer the deli meat, thin slices of cheese, spinach and top with eggs.  THM S

So there you have it.  I'd like to defend myself and say that I usually eat these dishes with a side of veggies.  I keep a large dish of steamed veggies in the fridge at all times as well as coleslaw.  I know there is a lot of heavy S meals with the cheese.  Feel free to change things up to suit your taste and omit the cheese if you are looking for Deep S meals.

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