Saturday, March 5, 2016

Am I Skinny Yet? Nope! Friday Check In 3-4-16

I actually am skipping this check in and I am bummed about it because the diet experiment was going so well.  Thanks gallbladder.
I have a sluggish gallbladder that requires some maintenance a few time a year.  After doing a lot of research, I decided to try and keep it for as long as I can, even though it can be a pain.  I have blogged about it in the past, so if you are curious about how I do this click here. You really may want to read it if you have any of these symptoms.

It does impact my dieting and fasting for this next week.  I am chugging apple juice like there is no tomorrow to help soften the stones before I evict them.  I drink well over 500 calories a day in juice alone so fasting is not going to be effective and I am eating a low fat diet (bye bye pizza) and I'm constantly hungry.  I cannot wait to have this over.

I'm planning to do the cleansing fast on Monday which means Tuesday will be spent expelling the stones and life gets to resume on Wednesday.  I will let you know next Friday just what the damage was.  The good news is that the bloating and weight gain usually goes away pretty quickly.

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