Monday, March 21, 2016

Fast Five Monday Check In

Can I get a high five??  Yep, the scale was very nice to me this morning and I have lost the five pounds that I have gained lately.

I really do not deserve it.  Yesterday I was the biggest couch potato ever.  It's not often that my hubby comes in and we settle into a TV marathon but we watched a lot of Roadkill yesterday.  I know it's kinda a man show but I love it too and my stomach is hurting from laughing so hard and so long.

Here are the miracle numbers:

Weight loss: 5 pounds
Food:  All low carb (THM S) in a five hour window.  I was terrible about drinking water or sippers and indulged in Zevia sodas instead.
Numbers: 1464 calories, 22 g carbs, 115 g fat, 90 g protein 
Exercise:  I laughed a lot and had to get up and let the dog in and out several times.  I managed 2844 steps.

Likely the weight loss is water loss.  I've been eating low carb lately and my muscles were resting from the increased exercise. I'm hoping maybe a little tiny bit was fat loss.

Today was my day to run errands and I've been busy cleaning up the house after spring break so not planning on formal exercise today.  I really am not sure how long I can keep eating low carb before my gallbladder says no more.

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