Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Best Bread Machine Pizza Dough - Favorite Recipes

I have a love affair with my bread machine that very few people enjoy.  I literally wear them out every other year.  I have no shame in admitting that it makes better bread than I can by hand kneading and mixing.  However, until lately it has always let me down when it comes to pizza dough.

Every bread machine pizza dough recipe I made was always bland and tough.  My husband loves, and I mean loves, a thick, soft crust that I just could not achieve until now.

Cena's Bread Machine Pizza Crust

2 pound loaf - makes 2 medium to large pizzas

1 tsp salt - be generous
4 cups flour - I use whatever I have, normally half all purpose and half whole wheat.
1.5 cups warm water
3 tbsp oil or butter - again whatever you have, usually I use coconut oil
1 tbsp honey or sugar
seasonings - whatever you are in the mood for, I like to put a couple of teaspoons of Italian seasonings.

Load your bread machine as you normally do.  Make sure you select the dough cycle!

This recipe will give a soft dough with air bubbles.  I like to load it up with sauce, onions, olives, pepperoni and bell peppers.

Trim Healthy Mamas- This is of course off plan.  I have tried most low carb pizza crusts and I like either the cauliflower crust or the Fat Head/Holy Grail Pizza crust.  Both recipes are very easy to find online.

Making homemade pizza is important in our home but sometimes you need to take a lesson from a cat.

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