Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Exercise? I thought You Said Extra Slice!

No surprise that exercise is the last component to my diet plan.  The problem is that I really do not like to exercise, at all.  I mean I enjoy walking and hiking but to go to the gym and lift or do cardio, just will never happen.

Here at home I have a manual elliptical machine to use but I really hate it. It's the middle of winter up here in Alaska, so it's hard to get outside to walk.  It has been a very warm and wet winter so outside my door all you see is ice covered with water. No bueno...

Thankfully I found a good compromise.  I absolutely love YouTube and there are tons of power walking videos to choose from.  Here's an example:

I like to track my steps with my Garmin Vivofit.  When I am stuck at home I want to log at least 5000 steps. This summer I will set a goal of 7500 with at least two days a week getting the golden 10,000 steps.

Not gonna lie, most days I will make every excuse in the book to talk myself out of it.  It's kind of like this...

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