Sunday, February 21, 2016

New Blog

My first post on this blog!  Super excited to start something new and different.  This isn't my first blog.  My last blog just fizzled out when it lost it's focus.  This time I am focusing on my diet journey as I try to balance out my love of pizza vs my need to lose weight.

For the past 10 years I have been a chronic dieter and therefore, in my case, a diet cheater.  Mostly with pizza.  

Can you relate?  The purpose of this blog is to journal my weight loss journey and still enjoy life.  

Currently I am dieting with the Trim Healthy Mama protocol and I like a few things about it, but I'm not losing weight.  It's time to take my dieting knowledge and find a sweet spot for weight loss.  My plan is to take what I like about Trim Healthy Mama, add on some fasting days, keep an eye on my calories,  and eat pizza. Oh, and exercise but not hardcore.  At least not yet, and yeah, probably never. 

So here it goes, yet another diet.  I will be blogging my daily menu, weight loss numbers, exercise, what works and doesn't work and just random diet stuff.

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