Friday, February 26, 2016

Am I Skinny Yet? Friday Check In 2/26/2016

Every Friday I plan to check in here with my weekly results.  I do weigh throughout the week, but Friday will be the official day.  It's somewhat a cheat because I fast on Thursday so it will be on an empty stomach, but it will make me feel better.
 Here's what I decided to track:
Weight loss Goals
Weight loss goal - 79 pounds
Pounds lost this week - 5
Total pounds lost - 5  which means 74 pounds to goal!

Exercise Check In
Average daily steps:  4374

Food Check In

Total Meals Fueled by Fats (THM S): 2
Total Meals Fueled by Carbs(THM E): 5
Total Meals Tandem Fueled(THM XO): 3
Total Meals Fueled by Pizza(THM Cheat): 0
Notes:  This was for Monday - Thursday which was 2 fasting days and 2 feeding days.  I mourn that there was no pizza meals...

Daily Average Calories: 1882
Fasting Average Calories: 478

And the Winner Is!

The Diet!  I enjoyed my pizza (or buttered popcorn this week) and lost weight too!  I am totally happy with a 5 pound loss. I give most of the credit to the fasting, no doubt I threw a curve ball at my body with that one.  I also enjoyed the food freedom of eating normal, healthy foods and not stressing about if it was "on plan".  I loved that I didn't feel the need to buy and eat a bunch of weird ingredients.  For those following the Trim Healthy Mama plan, just a reminder that I am not exclusively using on plan foods, but real, whole foods and separating fuels.  Realistically I am not expecting results like these again.  I am hoping for 2 pounds a week and I know that stalls and gains happen.  

Just leaving it here and Happy Pizza Friday everyone!

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  1. 5 lbs is wonderful Cena! My first year of THM I followed it exactly, now in my second year (with 4:3) I follow a little more loosely-low glycemic, mostly separating fuels, but many more crossovers.